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About Vasbyt Tree Tech

10 Years of Experience

     I (Justin Williford) am the Sole owner and creator of Vasbyt Tree Tech. I was born in Denver, Colorado, USA. My mother past away at the age of 10 so I moved in with my father in Loveland, Colorado, USA.  My father, Hollis Randol Williford was a Sculptor and Illustrator by trade, but was also and avid outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman, and wildlife enthusiast. Spending time outdoors with my father gave me a deep appreciation for nature and the balance of systems created by God to be not only beautiful, but very efficient and effective at surviving and adapting such as trees and vegetation native to many different regions. 

     After High School, I moved to Colorado Springs, and I spent several years living at the Olympic Training Center as a member of the Junior Olympic and National Shooting team as a shotgun athlete. I balanced college at UCCS and any early Olympic career for several years, (all be it, not very well) and subsequently left the shooting team to pursue college. After realizing that my degree was not going to help me get a job as it was far too general, I entered the workforce, bouncing around from job to job always becoming bored with a job after a few months. Nothing could hold my interest and sitting at a desk was killing my body and mind. I longed to be working out doors again.

cert_arb (1).jpg

     I met my wife in 2005 and after making sure her children were happy with our relationship, we married in 2007. She is from South Africa and has family there so we travelled to South Africa and held the ceremony there.  
     While working several jobs, trying to find something I could tolerate in order to take care of my new family I finally found my calling.
     I found tree work, ( or tree work found me) at church. I was looking through the job postings and found an ad requesting groundsmen and chipping crews for a tree company in monument. I called the number immediately. 

     I began working for Tri Lakes Timber Management in 2008 and loved it immediately. Not only was I working out doors again, but I was learning a whole new skill set, much of which I could use in other vocations and hobbies.  
     Its no secret... I like to suffer. I like to be uncomfortable, hot, cold, dirty, and bloody. I feel like I am actually experiencing life and using my body for the job it made to do. My size has always been a detriment to me in the past, (I am a rather large person) but I finally found a vocation where my size became an attribute. 

     Apprenticing for Lind Tree Service in Black Forest gave me the milage I needed to become a climber and a foreman. After begging several times to be allow to start climbing, I finally started climbing. I was hooked. Nothing could compare to the feeling of climbing a tree, bringing back the nostalgia of childhood adventures climbing with friends and stealing the apples out of the farmers apple tree.  
     Swaying back and forth at the the top of a 70 foot pine tree, letting the wind blow me around and watching the trunk twist beneath my feet filled my heart with a zeal for life that made me understand that I had finally found my calling. The job God had planned for me my whole life and finally revealed.

     After running job sites for several years, going through the Black Forest fire and learning forestry and fire mitigation, I decided to break away on start my own tree company to allow me to spend more time with my family. I have now been in the Arboriculture industry for 12 years have been climbing for 10 of those 12.

I am an ISA Certified Arborist and offer tree care as well as disease and insect identification and treatment plans.


UPDATE: October, 2021


After much deliberation and current world events, I have decided to move back to South Africa with my family.

My professional standard of tree care will continue on the

south coast in Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa.


We will be serving the Garden Route area starting in 2022

Thank you for taking the time to learn my life's journey. I look forward to serving you. 




Reliable & Trustworthy

Professional & Experienced

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